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Working relentlessly to impact the lives of women and girls…
We are looking for a Finance and   Administrative Officer to take charge of the financial health of our Organization by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements. You should be familiar with audits, invoices and budget preparations...
Armed conflict emerged in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa that includes both Anglophone and Francophone regions, in 2016, after […]
Hope Advocates Africa Localises The Generation Equality campaign to Women and Girls in Mboma Fishing Port After the Generation Equality […]
Peace Building
Legal Literacy
Defyhate Now Conference
During the Defyhate Now training of trainers on social media Hate speech Mitigation field guide implementationHope Advocates Africa was asked to talk about “Healing Invisible wounds project” by @advocates_hope which was funded through the generous support from @defyhatenow. This project targeted towards men, women and youths who have been gravely afftected by the crisis in the North West region. Our participants during this project were internally displaced person residing in camps in Limbe and this project have them the opportunity for them to tell their stories and find consolation and heal. Mental Health and Trauma Healing projects needs to be prioritized. Affected population need the opportunity to share their stories and get help towards trauma healing.We remain grateful for the support we had from @DefyhateNowTrauma and Healing Mental Health https://t.co/bGDW0BxkQ8

Impacting the Lives of Others!

Our objective is to meet the needs of women and girls in remote and inaccessible Villages in Cameroon

Women & Girls

Access to healthy living, education protection against violence…

Access to Good Health

Healthy living for all people especially people affected by crisis…

Education of Women & Girls


No to Violence

Violence has never brought about any meaningful and long lasting peace changes. We strongly condemn violence in all forms regardless of who is the perpetrator…

Defyhate Now

We stand firmly against vices such tribalism, hate speech, gender inequality, etc…

Promote Equality

We strongly advocate for gender equality, the right to education for all women and girls…


Creating an Impact in Africa that will last forever!


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I love the impact you’re creating in the lives of Women and Girls out there!
Dr. Diale Dorothy
The crisis in the North West and South West of Cameroon has dealt a heavy blow on women and girls, your services to them come in handy. please keep up
Edward Lee
Access to good health and Education of Women and Girls in Cameroon is a concern for all. I applaud your efforts in the field geared towards the realization of these objectives
Sandra Quin
I just want to say thanks to your invaluable efforts in impacting the lives of women and girls affected by this crisis in Cameroon.
Esthelle Chung

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Health Officer

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Programs Officer

Rose Obase

Project Officer

Empowering Women and Girls

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