Earlier today, I got a call from a partner doing referral on a case of Intimate partner violence. This rang a bell in my mind, to analyze and rate ourselves if the advocacy we carry out each day, had a positive effects on the people we reach out to.Violence against women is so evident in our communities and we have a rile to play to combat this.We are Celebrating Women through out this week. It is Women’s Health week, alot will be done through out this period on our part. We began with a Girls Talk, with some twenty Young girls, to discus on Sex education and the positive impacts it has. Lack of information depicts deformation. How do we raise a new generation of Youths, conscious of their health and behavioral patterns.Our discussion was Based on Sexual Violence especially in the Homes, and these young people were taught the various Mechanism to Prevent such actions against them.Knowledge is Power!Leave No one BehindUN Women Africa – ONU Femmes AfriqueUN Women#GenerationEquality Beijing youth task force


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