Every Job is a woman’s Job!What is your complain?Meet our Insperator of the month.Meet Berry a form four student in a government technical college (name of city withheld)undertaking the practical session of her exams on a construction site and oir team was thrilled and decided to carry out this interview with our #womanpowerWe were trilled seeing a young Lad beating the odds, breaking limitations and barriers placed before her by Society, culture… changing the “You can’t to “I Can” they can’t” to “they can ” they won’t ” to “we will”She is the only female student undertaking this course out of 150 boys in her class.Her determination in finishing despite the setback and intimidation, our girl is determined to finish up.What is your excuse?Why Not?What is holding you back?It’s time to break the cycles.Reclaiming our space!#WomenPower#Beijing25#GenerationEquality


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